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D2E’s first apprentice completes his first year

D2E’s first apprentice completes his first year

In September 2015, D2E took on their first apprentice (and possibly the first UK apprentice lift consultant) James Carver. James is now just coming to the end of his first year at college and will be spending his summer working full-time with D2E. He has written a short summary what he has been up to whilst at college and with D2E in his first year.

“After beginning my apprenticeship with little background engineering knowledge, my first year at college has been helpful to gain a basic understanding of the fundamentals of engineering.

The course was broken up into two types of modules, theory and practical. The theory side included subjects such as Maths, Maintenance and Mechanical Principles. Within these, for example, were lessons on the types of maintenance and different components such as belts and chains. On the practical side, the tasks involved wiring relay boards and rewiring a 3 phase motor, as well as some work with pneumatics and more.

At the end of my first year of college, the college held a presentation evening for employers and family members, which both myself and, D2E Director, Robin Cheeseright attended. The evening allowed us to show some of the different tasks we undertook over the year and presentations we had created, as well as our workshop and a film made by the apprentices for the end of our first year.

Starting in September, the second year at college will further the basic knowledge I have gained in year one and hopefully add in some more lift specific courses along the way.

When not at college, I have been at the D2E offices or visiting Client sites. Whilst at D2E, I have worked across all sides of the company. This includes supporting D2E’s account managers and assisting the field associates with onsite audits, both of which have given me a valuable insight into how the lift industry operates.

As well as this, I’ve also have had the opportunity to go on various trips, including a CIBSE Young Engineer’s tour of the Olympic Park and functions, such as an escalator awareness day at major shopping centre.

On a personal level the scheme has been a great success for me, and I look forward to the coming years at D2E.”

D2E are very happy to have James as a member of the team and to support him through his apprenticeship. We look forward to the future years of his apprenticeship and when he becomes a knowledgeable, well rounded lift consultant.