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20 Fenchurch Street
London, UK

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20 Fenchurch Street

To experience the lift interface as one of the Tenants with a view to highlighting issues and eliminating any Tenant dissatisfaction.

Customer Experience Survey

The majority of the passenger lifts at this site are equipped with the latest in car information screens which include, including BBC news broadcasts, client logos and floor designation notification. Since installation there has been a vast amount of issues with the technology within these lifts; as the customers consultants D2E offered to carry out this a ‘customer experience survey’ and provide feedback on our findings.

Survey Methodology

The survey was carried out in a way as to experience the journey of a tenant from entry to the building to arriving at their desk.

Paying particular attention to customer interfaces.

Lift Car Allocation/ Signalisation

Observing the way in which customers are directed to the correct lift car, through the use of: Elevator Identifiers (EID’s), Destination operating panels (DOP’s) and the Lift Identification Flags at each landing.

Landing Doors

A detailed survey was carried out from an aesthetic point of view to note any damage or adjustment issues, this was also reported back to the incumbent maintenance supplier for their remedial action.

 Aesthetics of the Lift Cars/ In Car Experience

The aesthetics, annunciation and technology within the lift cars play a major role in how the customer feels with regards to the vertical transportation experience whilst travelling within this building. This was thoroughly examined and opportunities forimprovement highlighted with regards to the following:

                - In Car Screen.

                - Car Operating Panels (COPs)  

                - Car Lighting

                - Audible Floor Destination


The results of the survey were reported to the maintenance supplier to be resolved during their periodical maintenance regime.

D2E have developed our iPAMS™ Site Survey, which combines this and similar methodology used for a large retail client, to ascertain the perspective of a passenger travelling within a lift/on an escalator.


Customer Satisfaction

The format of the iPAMS™ Site Survey is a report that can be produced for any client that has a large amount of lifts/escalators who is looking to improve customer experiences throughout their buildings.