Vertical Transportation Consultant

The Bank of England
London, UK

Key Services

The Client

The Bank of England

The Project

Increase the occupancy at the Bank of England

The Brief

The Bank of England instructed an investigation into the impact on the existing vertical transportation, of increasing their occupancy by 25%. As a Grade I listed building it was unlikely the Bank would agree to the installation of additional lifts to provide extra handling capacity. Therefore, any potential solutions would need to improve the efficiency of the existing equipment alone.

The Solution

D2E conducted traffic surveys in the Bank to understand how the building was being used. In addition, D2E did research into the performance and efficiency of each of the lifts. This included the historical performance records, as well as measuring the lifts’ performance directly.
D2E were able to present a number of options from improving the efficiency of particular parameters at a cost of a few thousand pounds, through to the installation of additional equipment at a cost of several hundred thousands of pounds.

The Outcome

D2E discovered the Bank had more unused lifting capacity than expected, therefore the increased occupancy was managed at relatively low cost.

Added Value

The cost to the Bank was significantly lower than anticipated.