Vertical Transport Consultants


Modernisation of vertical transportation can be completed for a variety of reasons – to improve performance, enhance aesthetics, bring a lift up to DDA requirements or address safety recommendations. In fact, it is often a combination of all four.

In the main, modernisation represents a cost-effective way of achieving many of these elements without the need for a costly full replacement.

As the vertical transportation consultant, D2E provide strategic consultancy advice regarding the VT lifecycle of our clients’ lift assets and other VT assets. This ensures that there is a plan in place from installation all the way through to the replacement of the asset.

Our proficiency in the field of modernisation is enabled by our team of experts with vast experience who can offer the very best advice to clients based on their individual budgets and requirements. As with the installation of new equipment, we work closely with all stakeholders so that their suggestions are included in the design brief.