Vertical Transport Consultants

People Movement Analysis

Have you have experienced lengthy waiting time in an elevator/ lift lobby? do you experience a crowded elevator/ lift car? Do you feel you elevator/ lift traffic performance is not meeting the base build design? Do you need your people movement optimised?

D2E have developed a new unique tool using hard data facts with their new people movement analysis tool to measure the performance of a lift independently. D2E’s people movement analysis tool will measure by counting people and create an actual building traffic profile. The data captured then provides a dashboard of information showing the real waiting time, handling capacity, any bottlenecks and movement of people in a lift lobby with actual data rather than using assumptions. D2E’s people movement analysis tool provides quantitive information that will support the client’s overall vertical transportation strategy.



The Bank of England
London, UK

The Bank of England instructed an investigation into the impact on the existing vertical transportation, of increasing their occupancy by 25%. As a Grade I listed building it was unlikely the Bank would agree to the installation of additional lifts to provide extra handling capacity. Therefore, any potential solutions would need to improve the efficiency of the existing equipment alone.

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