Vertical Transport Consultants



D2E International VT Consultants Limited (D2E) are proud to announce the launch of iPAMS™, a new and innovative audit tool based upon years of experience within the industry.

iPAMS™ is based upon the world’s leading safety audit ‘App-platform’, iAuditor by SafetyCulture which has been customised by D2E to deliver the tools required to meet customer needs.

iPAMS™ standardises the D2E process for on-site data collection, processing and output of individual equipment specific data for client asset management. This process delivers efficiency, consistency and is adaptable to meet all client requirements. 

iPAMS™ represents the suite of standard audits designed to capture the on-site information for compliance, condition, risk management and investment planning;

-          iPAMS™ lifts

-          iPAMS™ escalators

-          iPAMS™ façade

iPAMS™ is recommended for any individual or organisation who owns, manages or has responsibility for the vertical transportation or facade access asset. While D2E offers a series of standard iPAMS™ audits a site specific or client specific service is also available.

D2E can arrange a license for International Partners to use all the standard iPAMS™ audits and reporting templates for an agreed fixed period of time (as required).

Please download our iPAMS™ presentation,  factsheet and a sample report of a well maintained lift and a lift that requires attention