Vertical Transport Consultants

D2E's visit to Kuwait

At the end of April 2016, VT Consultant, Rony Eappen visited Kuwait on the behalf of D2E to explore opportunities in the region. With D2E aiming to be more prominent in the super high rise market, Kuwait and the Middle East in general is an exciting area for development work.

Over the week Rony spent in Kuwait, he was able to meet with a number of different people and companies, including MEP Consultants, Suppliers, Architects, various potential project sites and the Kuwait British Business Centre.

Rony also spent a full day on-site training at ThyssenKrupp’s National Bank of Kuwait Head Quarters project, with the training covering project management, design risks, logistics and commissioning of twin lifts allowing a better understanding of the Thyssen Twin Product.

The week was a great success, allowing D2E to increase our knowledge of Kuwait, in terms of the market and general culture, plus explore the many business opportunities available. D2E look forward to returning to Kuwait and the middle east region in the near future.