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D2E's Focus on Innovation in 2017

D2E's Focus on Innovation in 2017

In January 2017, the D2E team headed down to the Goodwood Estate for our annual kick-off meeting. Over the two-day event, all D2E employees took part in various presentations and workshops reflecting on 2016 and looking forward to 2017.

The event began with a presentation from D2E Director, Robin Cheeseright, who looked back over 2016 and provided an interesting commentary on our experiences of the past year. Following this was a presentation by D2E Director, Mark Fairweather, presenting to the team the business plan for the 2017. After lunch, the results of our customer satisfaction survey were presented. The survey was sent out to our Clients in November to find out their experiences of D2E over 2016 and showed an overall improvement on satisfaction but with an emphasis to improve on strategic advice.

The key focus of the kick-off meeting was the innovation session, led by Managing Director Bill Evans. This session built on the earlier presentations, as well as taking guidance from various videos available on TED and articles from Harvard Business Review. The session was incredibly fruitful, with many innovative ideas put forward on how to increase value and satisfaction to our Clients. Results of the customer satisfaction survey, looking to improve strategic advice, lead the team to look for innovative ideas to solve transactional consultancy with advance automation app technology, allowing us to free up more time to strategic thinking rather than just adding costs.

D2E are now in the stages of evaluating each innovative idea to come from the sessions and hope to announce some of these advances in the coming months.