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Project Management vs Project Assurance

Project Management vs Project Assurance

Check out our Project Assurance vs Project Management factsheet.

Picture the scene, you have a 42-year-old (almost) antique lift serving your 11-floor building. It has broken down (again!) for the seventh time this month. You have called your lift maintenance provider and they have told you “Sorry, it needs a part. Oh, by the way, the part is obsolete so it might take a while to obtain”. Add to this your building tenants on every floor above the third complaining daily about the ‘poor lift service’ and another costly bill for the repairs. Time for a new lift perhaps?

Where do you begin? How do you go about dipping your toe into the vast industry waters to find the most suitable solution to upgrade your constantly failing piece of machinery? We know, it is daunting, to say the least.

Perhaps call your maintenance provider? Ask them to recommend a solution? 

Get some other quotes in perhaps? Gearless machine with a VVVF drive? Side-acting hydraulic? What does all this industry jargon mean?

How does the procurement process work? How long will it take? What do I need to put in place? How can I be sure I am getting the most competitive price? So many questions, so few answers…

Do you go through the ensuing procurement process alone and hope for the best, or is there a better way?

At this point, you should engage D2E to assist you in implementing the correct life-cycle management strategy for your asset, whether it be to modernise, replace or retain. There are always many options available to you, dependent on an assortment of factors which are unique to your situation. These options can depend on your long-term building strategy, the budgets you have available or even the age of your existing equipment.

D2E will independently survey your equipment and recommend the most economical and suitable solution for your building. We can engage with suitable suppliers, specify and tender for the most competitive prices and can ensure that costs are fair and correct in line with industry norms. Therefore, there is an option for you as the lift owner in which you can become assured that you are opting for the correct strategy and approach to major works to one of the most valuable assets in your building.

Our Project Assurance vs Project Management factsheet has been prepared with the aim of providing some guidance to outline and identify the key differences between ‘project management’ and ‘project assurance’ when undertaking modernisation and replacement projects in the VT industry and an overview of what D2E provides under our project assurance services. 

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