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Safety Standard Changes for the Construction and Installation of Lifts

One of D2E's key service to our Clients is the surveying of their lift portfolio which, in part, includes advising the Client on how their asset does and doesn't comply with the current regulatory codes and standards. Ensuring your lift is compliant is of upmost importance to ensure the user and engineer's safety and, therefore, it is a key concern to D2E to keep our Clients informed on this area.

Until 2014, the safety of lifts came under BS EN81-1:1998, when the new set of standards, BS EN 81-20:2014 was released. The new standard comes into full effect at the end of August 2017.

D2E have compiled a factsheet explaining the principle changes in regard to safety from lifts for BS EN 81-1:1998 to the new set of standards, BS EN 81-20:2014. You can find our factsheet here.

If you wish to find out more information on BS EN 81-20, or any other regulatory codes and standards, please contact D2E on 0207 233 9355 or