Vertical Transportation Consultant

Battersea Power Station Phase 2
London, UK

Key Services

Battersea Power Station Phase 2


Chapman BDSP 



Wilkinson Eyre Architects 



Battersea power station, Phase 2, is one of the most iconic buildings in London.  Situated on the south bank of the River Thames it is easily recognisable by its four white chimneys.

Phase 2 of the Battersea Power Station Development includes the main Power Station and the site-wide energy centre. The Power Station is planned to be a mixed-use building with office areas, retail, residential units, and event space. One of the many public attractions will be ‘The Chimney Lift Experience’.



D2E has been employed by ChapmanBDSP to provide vertical transportation consultancy services from Developed and Technical Design (RIBA stage 3 & 4) through to Construction phases (RIBA stage 5 & 6) for the project.



Working closely with all stakeholders, D2E developed the vertical transport design system capable of providing effective transportation, tailored according to the needs of building use. Based upon technical expertise, D2E developed a detailed performance specification for each of the 66 VT equipment. To effectively and adequately analyse the tender returns, a bespoke analysis matrix was produced.



Based on state-of-the-art traffic analysis software and industry experience D2E was able to deliver a design that is fit for purpose and caters for all the vertical transport requirements throughout Phase 2.  

By allowing multiple lift manufacturers to bid, D2E allowed for stiff competition which saw improved costs. Schindler was appointed as the lift manufacturer for Phase II; due to most compliant tender submission.

Currently, D2E is facilitating the project team through the construction process to ensure the final product meets the employer’s requirements.