Vertical Transportation Consultant

Battersea Power Station Chimney Lift
London, UK

Key Services

Project Name:

Chimney Lift Battersea Power Station


The Client:

Battersea Power Station Development Company


The Architect:

Wilkinson Eyre


The Project

To provide a unique visitor experience involving a lift journey to the top of the north west chimney tower from which the lift would park and allow visitors to experience a 360° view of London.


The Brief

To facilitate the development of a concept lift design that would meet the client intent of a providing unique visitor experience


The Solution

Develop, manage and support a design process involving the major lift manufacturers whereby they submitted and created technical proposals to meet the Brief. The process was for a period of 6 months and followed an iterative process where feedback from D2E and the client team allowed the major lift suppliers to develop their initial ideas into firm concepts.


The Outcome

From the final three contributors came three robust and innovative designs that would have been appropriate for the project. However, the design submitted by Otis, fulfilled the client brief most effectively in that they were able to provide the best 360° panoramic views from the lift with minimal technical interfacing when the lift parked at the top of the chimney.