Vertical Transport Consultants

Asset Management

At D2E, we understand the importance of asset management to our clients and can provide consultancy services to assist our clients with the day to day management of their lift, escalator and façade access assets, along with long term planning for each piece of equipment.

Acting as a consultant to our clients, D2E ensure that the maintenance contractors complete their maintenance regimes to a high standard using our annual iPAMS™ audits. We challenge the contractors where necessary to ensure that the expected lifecycle is achieved allowing our clients to retain the value of their assets.

D2E provide strategic advice regarding our clients’ lift assets, and other VT assets. This ensures that there is a plan in place from installation all the way through to the replacement of said asset.

D2E’s knowledge of the industry and contacts within the supply chain allow us to provide lift asset management services to our clients. Through our understanding of the vast amount of different technology installed across our clients’ portfolios, we can provide bespoke advice depending on the age, type, intensity or use and overall condition of each individual piece of equipment.

D2E collect a vast amount of data on our clients’ portfolios through our; iPAMS™ audits, monthly meetings, KPI monitoring systems etc. We use innovative tools such as Microsoft Power BI to visualise this data and provide simple dashboards that are easy to understand and benchmark the performance of each VT Maintenance contractor across each of the portfolios. This also allows us to provide Lifecycle information obtained through the annual audits to focus our client's investments into the right areas such as older equipment and non-performing ‘rogue units’.

70 St Mary Axe
London, UK

D2E were appointed as the Vertical Transportation and Façade Access consultant for this distinctive new office development in central London. Our services as the Façade Access Consultant include the development of an access and maintenance scheme from developed design, through tendering and procurement to installation and handover. As the Vertical Transportation Consultant, our services include acting as the VT consultant to the design team through the design, procurement, constructions and commissioning phases. D2E have developed a BCO (2014) compliant scheme. Following tge completion of this project, D2E were appointed to manage the VT and FAC assets.

70 St Mary Axe View Case Study

Regent Street
London, UK

Portfolio Management of facade access and lifts for a prestigious London based client of both office space and retail outlets.

Regent Street View Case Study